The Queen of Tart Crusts.

Well, I gave in and made those tart crusts. I figured if I’m gonna make them anyway, I might as well get them out of the way. You can freeze them for up to a month, so that’s what I did.

I was reading the recipe and saw “blanched almonds”. I had Jordan google it and it turns out it is an “easy three step process.” Step 1) Pour boiling water over the almonds and leave for 1 minute. Step 2) Rinse and rinse again Step #3) (and here’s the kicker…) Slip the skins off the almonds. Sounds easy enough, right?

As I measure them out, I decide to double the amount I blanch to save for later recipes, seeing how everything in this book requires either blanched almonds or vanilla beans (which I bought on ebay today). I pour my boiling water over them, and all over the counter, and set the timer. Exactly one minute later, I rinse them twice and set up a station to “slip the skins off” at my kitchen table.

By “slip” the recipe clearly means “claw, scrape, pry, curse, cry, etc”. I spent the next 35 minutes slipping skins off a cup of almonds. I kept Jordan updated periodically: “5 down 107 more to go!” Riley wandered by a couple times, eyeballing my stash, but I quickly steered him towards the Macadamia Nuts I didn’t have to peel in the mixed nuts canister.

Towards the end, I figured out that the ones that were a little wetter from the rinsing gave up their skins easier. I drizzled some water on the drier ones to make it faster. I could skin an almond in 3 seconds by the time I was done. Brown, papery skins were flying all over the table. I ground those babies up, threw them in my batter and whipped up three Sweet Tart Doughs. Now all I need are the tart pans to come in from Amazon and I can get to tarting up a storm!

I made a chocolate pie last night with the second pie crust I accidentally started baking two days ago. It said to “cook over low until mixture thickens”. After cooking it on low for half and hour and nothing was happening, I bumped it up to almost medium. It took quite a while to thicken. My night went like this: stir mix, pay bills, stir mix, do some yoga, stir mix, nearly burn baking pie crust, stir mix, put away the laundry, stir mix, wait! is it done? no… stir mix, return an email, stir mix. DONE! I poured it in the shell, popped it in the frig, and crossed my fingers I would get to eat it before bed. I checked on it about 10pm. Decided it was close enough to set and “cut” a piece. I ended up spooning it out of the pie tin and slurping it up. Not near done, but really yummy.

It made a good breakfast, alongside a glass of milk. It will also make a good snack this afternoon and dessert tonight.


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2 Responses to The Queen of Tart Crusts.

  1. Evgenia says:

    You ARE the Queen of Tart Crusts :))
    and a very persistent one for sure!

    even though, I am too lazy to peel almonds myself most of the time and buy the peeled one if necessary, the best way is very hot boiling water first, and then rinse them in a very cold water. This immediate change in temeratures helps the skin to go off easier

  2. I’ve never seen peeled ones in the store, but I will certainly be looking for them next time, before I go through all of that again! Thanks for the tip about the temperatures. IF, IF, I ever do it again, I’ll make sure by rinsing water is super cold. Thanks!

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