A stitch in time.

Until this email popped up in your inbox, you had forgotten all about my little twoweektrial blog. Don’t deny it. I know it’s true, but I forgive you. Now that you realize how very much you DID miss me, you may be thinking: “What has she been up to these last two weeks?” Well, you already know: Not blogging. But I have been busy. I’ve been reading The Bell Jar, baking and ordering baking supplies, starting to plan my son’s 2nd birthday party, but I have also been unable to tear myself away from a BBC miniseries playing on MasterPiece Classic called Cranford. I finally finished it up last night. But wait! There’s more! Return to Cranford will be shipped to me from Netflix by Wednesday! I also remade my Whole Lemon Tart with the tart dough. The dough was fantastic.  I am glad I went through the trouble of peeling those darn almonds.

I am about to start on a new adventure… sewing. I am making some really cool goody bags for Riley’s birthday party that will require some finesse with a needle. Since, I have none, I am turning to my grandmother for help. I had planned on dragging out my mid 1900 sewing machine and attempting to get it to work (its hasn’t seen the light of day in decades) but now I don’t feel like putting in the extra effort when there is a mid 1900s sewing machine next door at my grandmother’s that is already up and running.

Last night, I took my material over there and she helped me plan my bags and measurements. His party is going to be horse or barnyard animal themed, once I decide for sure what I am doing. Either way, the goody bags will look like mini feed store bags with each kid’s name stamped on them, along with a “2” for Riley’s age. I don’t actually have anything to go in them yet other than some horse stickers, but I plan on dropping by the Card and Party Factory this weekend to see what I can rustle up.

So, wish me luck and provided I don’t sew my finger onto one of the goody bags, I’ll let you know how it goes.


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