Victory is mine.

I write this blog today victorious in battle. I have spent the day with my head held high, recovering from scratches and scrapes, all the while picking cat hair off of my shirt, but I am victorious nonetheless.

Monday night, we slept with the windows open. Tuesday morning, the window screen in our living room was pushed out and one of our cats was missing. The cat in question was Arwen (All of our cats have Lord of the Ring names. We have a Strider and a Gollum, and used to have a Boromir.) She is a tuxedo cat and is very skittish. She is afraid of big and small noises, most people (though she adores my Dad), riding in cars, going to the vet, my toddler, germs (ok, made that one up) and of being outside. She has only been outside twice, both were accidents on her part, one of them being like this one: she pushed too hard on the screen and fell out. Our windows are fairly high, compounded with the fact she landed in a yard with two big dogs, so we assume she high tailed it out of there, not caring which direction she went.

We thought she was missing/hurt/gone/dead/kidnapped for a couple days. I finally saw a glimpse of her in the woodpile next to my Grandfather’s shop Thursday night, half an hour after I plastered our neighborhood with fliers, and crammed one in every mailbox within a half mile radius. She darted underneath the shop, and meowed at me continuously. Later that night, she ended up in a pine tree.

The rest of the week, I went out every morning, afternoon and night, trying to either coax her out from under the shop or down from the tree. At one point, she was about 3-4 stories up a cedar tree. I put out food that only the ants ate. I took my other cats out to try and talk her down. I talked to her, meowed at her, but still, she wouldn’t come to me.

On my way out this morning to try once again to get her, I had my hand on the door know and we heard a story on the radio about a cat stuck in a tree for two weeks, and no one would help the family. With renewed strength and motivation, I struck out upon my quest, around the storage buildings, past the shop, by the wood pile and into the woods. Arwen was on the lowest branch on the cedar tree she had been ten feet from the top of last night. She acted like she wanted to come to me and started coming down. She has done this before and always jumped down and darted past me. This time, I reached high and grabbed her neck. Then I could get to the rest of her. I pulled her out of the tree and held on for dear life. I was determined to keep a grasp on this very wiggly kitty, even if it meant she scratched my eyeballs out. I got stuck in a hanging thorny vine, tripped over a tree, and she tried to claw me up, but I got her in the house. She spent the rest of the morning scarfing down food and water under my bed. As I type this, she is rolling around on top of Jordan and I, covered in sap.

Let me say it again…



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4 Responses to Victory is mine.

  1. Evgenia says:


  2. Tracie says:

    YEA! Way To Go!

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