Put a little Zen in my life.

Continuing a little with my Eat Pray Grow Restless post, I have decided to start meditating. I certainly don’t need to eat any more, so I thought I’d start in the middle.

Off and on through high school and college and the hereafter, I have practiced yoga, and therefore, a little meditation. I love doing yoga in the morning. It puts me in a better mood throughout the day. Doing it at night helps me unwind. I used to do it every morning and every night, but things come up. Like a baby that wakes up an hour after he goes to bed, or a husband that wants to catch up on Bones or that Jane Austen book I’ve read three times, calling my name again. Or, most likely, a 30 minute phone call from my mother or sister or yet another load of laundry to fold and put away.

If I want some time to myself it either has to be Wednesday or Thursday nights, while my husband works his second job (but I usually spend these nights writing my blog, doing more laundry – where does it all come from?!, or catching up on my SyFy network shows) OR in the morning, while everyone is still asleep.I already get up at 6, and while I have routinely gotten up as early as 4:30 in the morning before ( I don’t want to talk about how crappy that is), seeing the number “5” starting off the digits on my clock face always sends me into a hungry-zombie-like blind rage that ends up with the clock on the floor and the pillow over my head.

But alas, that is when I need to mediate. No good doing it at the end of the day without doing it at the beginning. So, for the next two weeks, I will be attempting to beat my biological “please, just 10 more minutes” clock, and dragging my lazy arse out of bed to do a little early a.m. meditating.

Time to dust off that yoga mat… yeah, that one that hasn’t been used since that to week trial around Christmas…Remember those 5:30 a.m. yoga classes? I think I will start with just 10 minutes and see how that treats me. I mean, really, I’m gonna get bored just sitting there for that long anyway. But hey, maybe I will be enlightened and learn “my word”, though I find that highly illogical should I fall asleep while “oommmmm-ing”.

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