Cookies Anonymous

Somewhere in between finishing off an entire box of cookies by myself in 3 days and shoveling Cool Whip into my mouth straight out of the tub this afternoon, I thought: Hmmm, I haven’t exactly been eating healthy. Somewhere along the way after my Weight Watchers two week trial, I lost my capability to stop eating when I am full and to make healthy choices.

But in my defense, I was on vacation this past week. Aren’t you supposed to relax and chill out and do the things you wouldn’t normally do while not on vacation? Like eat non-stop for a week?

Normally I don’t have a cookie addiction, maybe because I don’t buy them on purpose, but I was set up to fail from day one of vacation. My mom and I went to get groceries to stock our lodge’s kitchen and she put some Oreos in the buggy. What the heck? I figure. I put some WalMart brand thin mints in too. On the way to check out, one of those sweet older ladies was sampling a new Fig Newton thin cookies, made with whole grains and real fruit. A healthy cookie… right? Well, maybe not healthy, but at least you get a little fiber. So I had a sample of the blueberry, grabbed a couple handfuls of their coupons, and a box of the Chocolate Raspberry cookies on her stand.

I was in love at first bite. I am surprised they lasted me 3 days. So not only did I have the thin mints, and the new chocolate ones, the resort we stayed at brought us each 4 cookies every night. Any one in my position would have succumbed.

Today, for Easter, we met at my aunts and ATE. I had a huge plate of food, finished off Riley’s because he didn’t want to eat anything other than pretzels and cookies, (go figure… cookies) and then had one piece each of buttermilk pie, chocolate pie an my own chocolate strawberry pie. And then another piece of my pie after my easy chair nap.

I weighed myself but I think I only gained maybe a pound, unless it all hasn’t caught up yet, but I just feel FAT. So tomorrow, I will be cleaning up my act. I am going to eat healthy, stop when I am full, and steer clear of the cookies. I figure, why stop at eating? I haven’t ran since I got sick two months ago (I coughed for over 6 weeks) so I plan on starting that back up. I was also inspired my the simple living of our lodge: only the dishes you need, only the towels you need, etc… the bare essentials. We have too much stuff. But it’s not our fault: we rarely buy anything for ourselves, it all comes as gifts. So not only am I going to clean up my eating, exercising, and keep working on the meditation, I am going to clean up my house and get rid of some of this junk. So for my next two week trial (at least) expect blogging about cleaning out my house and a healthier lifestyle, right after I polish off that last piece of chocolate strawberry pie, on top of a big pile of double chocolate ice cream, with Cool Whip on top.

No need to start tonight, right?

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One Response to Cookies Anonymous

  1. Evgenia says:

    That’s a great plan!

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