Lunch musings.

My two week trial didn’t go so well today. Do they ever start out well? No. So I’m not surprised.

I ate lunch with my friend Jim today. He sat next to me reading my blog and laughing at me “powering through” the mound of potato wedges on my plate. 

“Stop eating when I am full?” he scoffed. (I was determined not to waste the pile of fries on my plate. That is one of my healthy eating habit downfalls. I refuse to throw away food.)

“Eating healthy?” he questioned. (I had a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich oozing with cheese and mayo and buttery bread and those potato wedges.)

“Stay away from cookies?” he laughed. (He offered me a cookie about ten seconds before he started reading my blog, and I kindly accepted. It’s not polite to turn down cookies, I always say.)

So I didn’t do too good for food today, but I did clean out some stuff. I brought a box home from work and every time I walked by something that had been collecting dust for awhile, I chunked it in the box. So far, I have a butterfly hair clip I may have never worn despite owning it since high school, a large bead that went on a drawstring on a skirt that fell off a year ago or more (don’t guess I’ll sew it back on any time soon), 4 shirts from walk-a-thons and work functions, a chocolate tin that I only kept because it had the Eiffel Tower on it (it was a gift, that came empty… no chocolates), a mini magnetic flashlight we got for Christmas that Riley threw and broke about ten second after we got it (we still have two others) and a pair of Jordan’s shoes that he hasn’t worn in at least four years (I cleared it with him first).

One of those items has already been reclaimed. Which one, you ask? Perhaps the silver Eiffel Tower tin that I really like? No. The clip I might wear one day in the next ten years? Nope.

It’s Jordan’s shoes. He decided he can’t part with them after all. In fact, he’s trying them on right now. At least I tried. Perhaps tomorrow those shoes will get put back in the box and I won’t eat enough fries for three people. But until then, I am about to attempt a session of P90X.

Stay tuned.

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