Playing catch up

I’ve been a bit absent lately, and my excuse is this: I started a book club with a few friends. The meeting was tonight. I finished the book less than an hour before the meeting. Barely. It wasn’t a page turner, which sucks, because it was our first book and I picked it. I would have been done weeks ago had it been in the slightest bit interesting. So instead of blogging, I’ve been powering through The Ticket Out. Not recommended. Let me catch you up on the past few days.

Eating habits: This was NOT a good time to decide to start eating right. My mom brought me a bag of Reese PB cups for Easter. (I was going to eat only one, then I went back four times. I promptly took it to work and distributed them among my co-workers.) My mother in law gave use Easter candy, which I took to work also. A co-worker brought me some chocolate vanilla filled truffles… a girl can only take so much chocolate being thrown at her before her willpower leaves her. My boss offered me HALF a strawberry pie (I felt obligated to take it, he is my boss, after all.) Today, someone brought doughnuts. I was full of hope this morning, with my grits and apple still in my stomach, and I walked straight by them, saying, “There will always be more doughnuts… I don’t need one.” Half an our later, I was eating half of a blueberry cake doughnut. Ten minutes after that, I went back for the other half.

Despite what it seems, I really am trying to eat less. Yesterday, I felt so fat from eating huge, delicious meals at our families houses all weekend, full of desserts and candy, that I decided Sunday night to do a juice cleanse. That morning, I woke up hungry so I changed it to juice and fruit. Mid-morning I decided to add veggies. I got hungry. I drank an Orange Juice. By9:30, I’d bitten off the head of one of the chocolate bunnies I had purged at work from my mother in law. By lunch, I was so hungry, I threw my whole psychotic juice cleanse idea out the window. BUT, I only ate half of my lunch. Of course, that didn’t stop me from cramming part of the remainder down my throat by2pm.

Exercise: On the days we aren’t doing P90X, I’ve been on the treadmill. I haven’t gotten in over than 20 minutes a session though, because it’s hard to keep a toddler occupied for very long, when Buzz Lightyear and Woody aren’t involved. We did the Plyometrics part of P90X yesterday. It didn’t take me long to realize that Plyometrics meant a bunch of jumping up and down, all leg work. Today, I am so sore, I can barely walk. If I sit for more than a couple minutes, I have trouble standing. Tonight, we did the Ab workout again. It wasn’t as tough as last time, but I think my legs were hurting more than abs.

Getting rid of crap: As far as the get-rid-of-box goes,Jordan’s shoes are back in, as well as a shirt I wore this weekend that is a little too tight. No wonder I never wore it. I also threw in 4 iron Fleur-de-lis that I thought were “Paris-y” and needed to gather dust on my dresser.

So that’s the rundown. The next couple days I’ll be on the treadmill, really attempting to eat better, and working to clean out more junk. Which brings me to a future two week trial…cleaning out my catch-all back room. A few of the items in it: a carpet shampooer, tons of recycling, misc papers, a gas heater, two tool boxes, Christmas decorations, winter coats and lots and lots of books.

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