Success! With a side order of $50 big ones.

Against all odds, I finally successfully donated plasma today. Here is a recap of my attempts and my one success (out of five!)

Attempt to give #1: Ten years ago. Almost passed out during donation. Did┬ápass out after donation in front of my entire photography class… in the dark room… on the first day of school… in front of cute boys.

Attempt to give #2: Too many lipids in my blood. Couldn’t give.

Attempt to give #3: Couldn’t donate because of mouth ulcer. Could not be told this over the phone.

Attempt to give #4: Started to pass out during donation. Didn’t recover quick enough. Was sent home. Lasted 7 minutes.

Attempt to give #5: Success! I was able to give my full amount, despite the puncture spot in my arm from last time being deemed too bruised to give (just a small spot – I had to use the other arm), despite my machine malfunctioning and dragging out my give time, and despite the NS that is supposed to rehydrate me not actually pumping through the machine. Fifty dollars earned. Cha-ching!

This time I only felt a little tingling in my lips, which is expected from the blood anticoagulant. It was refreshing to not feel faint! I slapped myself a high five, collected my cold hard cash (via a Visa card) and drove home with a blue bandage wrapped so tight it was cutting the circulation off of my arm.

I go back Friday for more.

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2 Responses to Success! With a side order of $50 big ones.

  1. Tracie says:


  2. Jane says:

    You get paid to give blood!!

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