At first if you don’t succeed, keep trying to give plasma.

Well, my two week trial of giving plasma is  pretty much up. I went again today, after snacking on protein rich foods all day. All went well, ‘cept for that needle hanging out of my arm for an hour. The initial stick hurts, sometimes stings if iodine gets in it, but doesn’t bother me too terribly much. It does start to bother me after about 20 minutes.  It is a weird feeling.

After you get done donating, they pump you with 500mls of NS, to rehydrate you. Your arm gets very cold, even so cold it sort of hurts. I was talking to Jordan about it and he said to touch the needle in your arm, and it is super cold. Uh, no thank you. I’ve barely let my

eyes dart in the direction of the needle more than once. I don’t look when they prick my finger, not when they put the needle in and not when they take the needle out, which also feels really weird. I can’t imagine what Neo must have felt pulling out all of those tubes from the holes in his body. Gross.

I got $60 today and will get $70 next time, as a “first timer”. It will be sad when my bonus has ended and I have to start getting the regular $20 and $35 per donation. But I am going to stick with it. It seems my want to pay off my student loans (yes, still paying them) is greater than my fear of needles. Hopefully I can get them paid off a few years early. And maybe go out to eat once in a while. Or get some shoes. Yes! Shoes! Forget the loans! Buy shoes! Where is Carrie Bradshaw when you need her?

I will start a new two week trial soon! Stay tuned.

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