Me again.

I realize I have been a bit absent as of late. But it gets to a point where after a while you are like… ahhh. Who cares? Why do I feel obligated to write? I don’t get paid. You don’t die if I don’t pop up in your inbox every day. Sometimes I just get bored with it. And busy.

As of late, we have potty trained our kiddo (I hate the word “potty”, but saying “toilet trained” makes him sound like a dog), Jordan has gotten a permanent (!) teaching/coaching job, and we’ve made a couple trips home to hang with the fam.

But I have still been watching movies, and writing reviews… at least in my head. I’ll give you one today and more tomorrow. My movie for today is You Again. I am sure most, if not all, of you haven’t heard of it. Titles just don’t stick with us these days. They have used all the good titles already, so they are left to come up with new but slightly less memorable ones. The movie wasn’t very memorable either but it was cute and entertaining enough. Girls only though. Making your significant other sit through this girl-drama fest will make him less inclined to want to continue spending his life with you.

It’s got Kristen Bell, who is fairly funny. There was one scene when she is trying to wrench away junk food from her childhood arch nemesis/future sister in law that I am sure was ad-libbing on her part. It was the only time in which I actually laughed out loud (though the rest was entertaining, too). Jamie Lee Curtis stars as her mom, but she just falls flat. I haven’t believed anything she’s done since her horror movie slasher films in the late 70s/early 80s. Not sure I really believed here then either, though.

Kristen’s brother is about to marry this hot girl that made fun of Kristen in High School and made her life miserable. The hot girl pretends she had never met Kristin. So they have this dynamic between them that leads to the revealing of their High School time capsule and a big girl fight.

Meanwhile, Jamie Lee Curtis finds out that the hot girl’s Aunt was her best friend in High School, until they had a big falling out. Sigourney Weaver plays the aunt. She’s supposed to be gorgeous, rich, and successful, which was all fueled by jealousy of Jamie’s achievements in High School. They end up having it out in the hotel pool, both wearing a sexy little red dress, which sounds cool/slight kinky, until you remember they are like 50 or 60, gray headed and wrinkly. (Sorry, Mom. It happens.)

Our course, they are all best of buds by the end of the movie. Blah blah blah. Worth a watch if you are bored or need a family friendly movie to watch, but remember, don’t make your husband/boyfriend sit through it. I didn’t. I know better. Of course, he fell asleep in the first three minutes of Black Swan last night (which I will review for you tomorrow, knowing full well there was a lesbian love scene coming up. So who knows.


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2 Responses to Me again.

  1. Bill says:

    Hello my young friend! I do miss you when you’re absent from my inbox. I’m glad you’re reviewing films, and get a huge kick out of your insightful (often sassy) critiques! Jamie Lee and Sigourney are “gray and wrinkly?” It happens to moms and eventually to young moms of now-small children. But it’s gradual, and it can be a fun ride. Enjoy your youth, beauty, clever mind, and unique perspective on the world. The world’s a better place with Wendy in it, sharing her take on the world!

    Warmest regards from your former eBay customer and current fan,


  2. Wendy says:

    Hey Bill. 🙂 Now, now. I must have come off harsh. I just meant that if you were hoping for a sassy girl fight involving wet T-shirts, these aren’t the ideal women one would choose to watch in said girl fight. Most would have wished for the younger two. Though Sigourney Weaver has aged very well, Jamie Lee Curtis… well, I think she’d look alright if she’d grow her hair out a little. I will tell you that I am happy it is gradual, because this young mom of a now-small child is turning the big 3-0 this year. Good to hear form you BIll. 🙂

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