Wristcutters: A Love Story

I didn’t watch a movie last night because I needed get to to bed early. I got up at 4:15 this morning to watch the last shuttle in the US Space Program come home. But I did watch one a couple days ago that I thought was quirky and interesting.

A friend of mine has been trying to get me to watch this for months. I finally did last Saturday because I could stream it on Netflix. It’s a semi-dark semi-comedy. A young man kills himself (after cleaning his room first, mom would be so proud!) after being dumped by his girlfriend (that blonde chick in Talladega Nights). He dies and goes to this sort of Purgatory world, where everyone who commits suicide goes. I like his line that goes something like “After I died, I started working at Joe’s Pizza.” (I can’t remember the exact name, but something like that.)

This world is barren, dusty, dead, hot, and no one can smile. People work at crappy joints, live in crappy one room apartments, and drive crappy cars with a black hole under the passenger seat. Oh, you caught that, huh? Yes, a black hole. They explain it by saying something like, “Don’t bother looking for those cassette tapes you dropped, there’s a black hole under the seat.” Like that was fine and normal. It cracked me up that the main guy kept dropping his friend’s sunglasses down there.

The main guy finds out that his girlfriend is there too, that she committed suicide, too. He goes with his drunk Russian friend and a cute hitchhiker (who is looking for the PIC – People in Charge – because she is there by mistake; she overdosed on accident) to find her. Along the way, they come across Kneller’s Happy Campers (the title of the story this is based on) where small miracles are performed (like fish changing colors and a man floating) and the Russian falls in love with a deaf mute who can “throat sing.” Yeah, it’s a weird movie.

On side note, the main guy and the hitchhiker find a beautiful beach and spend the night on it, then wake in the morning to find they were sleeping on rocks, littered with condoms and syringes. Kneller says it’s even to dirty of a place for the prostitutes and junkies. But it makes for a funny scene. I also liked that each time you met a new person, it showed you how they killed themselves in the past. It sounds like a morbid movie, but it really wasn’t.

So they find the girlfriend, who had hooked up with Will Arnet in life and death, and she’s a zealot for The King (Arnet) who keeps trying to “separate his soul from his body” to gain enlightenment. Kneller (who turns out to be a PIC) says “Surely he isn’t stupid enough to kill himself twice.” But he does and the PIC swarm in and disperse the people, pick up the body, etc.

They also review the file of the hitchhiker and send her back to life. In the end, the main guy accidentally falls into the black hole, I think because that was Kneller’s only way of getting him back to life (which he wasn’t supposed to do) but he knew he was in love with the hitchhiker and wanted them to start a new life, quite literally. They wake up in the hospital together and smile at each other: something no one did the entire movie, which really bothered her.


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2 Responses to Wristcutters: A Love Story

  1. thelewislife says:

    Ok, so I have to say that I really want to live next door to you just so we can watch movies together!! Empire Records is still one of my absolute favorites and no one in my life understands why. That should be enough for you to see why I need to watch movies with you!!
    So, once a year, we need to plan a girls weekend where all we do is watch movies. When can you come up??? I won’t be back until xmas and that is already so packed anyways.
    Seriously, I think we should make some plans…

    • Wendy says:

      Me too. Empire Records is so good. But it is like The Goonies; you have to have watched it when you were younger to appreciate it when you are older. A 25-30 year old watching The Goonies now will hate it every time, but I love it bc I grew up with it. (And Brad was sooo cute!) I would move next door to you i a heartbeat, but Jordan won’t leave East Texas. He’s a family boy I guess. And now that we have Riley, I’ll never get to make a break for it, not with Grandparents around. Jordan just got a new job, so we can afford to do things now! Like pay for those little life luxuries like food and rent! But we will be able to take vacations now too! So that’t exciting. I would love to come up. Where are you now that you won’t be “back until xmas”? We want to start doing some camping/backpacking, so maybe we can come up in the spring and do our family thing and then hang out with y’all. We can send the boys out with the kids and watch all of our old movies. I still can’t think about Aladdin without thinking of you, 🙂 I miss you bunches.

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