Thor and the Captain

I LOVE my superhero movies (with the exception of a few… I just can’t buy Tobey Maguire as Spiderman) and I recently saw Thor and Captain America. Though none of the Avenger movies will ever beat that original Iron Man movie, they all put up a good fight. I am one of those big nerd that almost pees in her pants waiting for The Avengers to come out next year.

Thor: OMG is he hot. If he would have remained shirtless the entire movie, you would not have heard any complaints from me. He’s ridiculously chiseled, long flowing blonde hair, those Nordic god blue eyes… gets me every time. Kat Dennings has a supporting role, and she is hilarious as always. She once offers to give Thor mouth to mouth, though he is breathing and awake. But hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

I was a bit worried about how Asgard and the Frost Giants would work, with all the CGI, but it wasn’t too cheesy (which I unfortunately CANNOT say about The Green Lantern. Poor Ryan.) There is enough human element (albeit, gods) to keep the worlds grounded. Natalie Portman does a good job, as always, as a scientist and Thor’s love interest.

Tom Hiddleston (yes, I had to look him up) was PERFECT as a loving brother and then a betrayer. I was completely convinced of both his goodness and his evil side. I watched the whole movie knowing I had seen him in something… and got home and looked it up. He was in Cranford. What? None of you have heard of the BBC Mini-series called Cranford? Well, you uncultured people…

Chris Hemsworth, my new #2 (Don’t worry CB. you will always be #1), has signed on for three possible avengers and 3 possible Thors. So that’s good for me. Though I must start a poll to get more shirtless scenes.

Captain America: Yes, Chris Evans is hot too, and while I would definitely enjoy a Chris and Chris Sandwich, Hemsworth is hotter, mainly due to that whole “I’m a god” thing. But I did love the down to earth character Evans played in Captain A. Seeing him skinny was so weird. I thought the superimposed his head on a scrawny kid’s body, but they didn’t think it would be believable, because Evans has distinctive movements and mannerisms a stand-in can’t replicate, so they used digital technology to skinny him down. So weird.

Hugo Weaving is always such a good bad guy, that I can barely watch him in LOTR for fear he is going to go ape-shit on a hobbit and crush some skulls with his sword. He’s apparently not dead though, just in Asgard (see those star formations before he fries?), which is a part of my comic book history I was not brushed up on, so thanks Debi’s husband.

One thing I love about all of the Marvel movies (beside the shirtless hotties) are the crossovers from other movies. Captain America’s shield in Iron Man. The Cosmic Cube from Captain in Thor. Thor’s Hammer in Iron Man. Captain frozen in ice in The Incredible Hulk (deleted scene). Tony Stark… There’s more, but giving them all away is no fun. Finding them yourself is. 🙂

Speaking of that sandwich…


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