Take ’em or Leave ’em.

Movies I watched that were just “ok”:

The Wendell Baker Story: A comedy starring the Wilson brothers, Will Ferrell, Eva Mendez. Luke W gets out of prison and starts working at a retirement home where Owen W treats the residents meanly and steals their money. Owen Wilson has to set things right while trying to win his girlfriend back from Will Ferrell. It was just ok. Some funny parts, some not funny parts, but I always enjoy watching Luke Wilson. He is so very laid back in all his roles. He’s GOT to be like that in real life. I bet those boys drove their mom nuts growing up.


Ned Kelly: About some good ole Irish boys kicking bad cop A in the late1800s. Edward “Ned” Kelly was an Irish Australian whose family was picked on by the governing British police. According to history/legend, he was framed repeatedly for crimes he didn’t commit, bullied by the cops, and eventually had a bounty put on his head (and the other 3 members of his gang – a brother and two friends) after robbing banks and killing a few cops (but they were asking for it, and it seems it was all in self defense). They even passed a new act, allowing anyone to shoot to kill these men on sight. In the end, they were holed up in a saloon having a shoot out with the police, after the train derailment they set up for the locomotive carrying the cops was thwarted by a schoolteacher hostage Kelly let go. The movie makes it very dramatic, but in real life it was less so. On screen, they take out numerous cops, but in real life only one was injured. There wasn’t a big shoot out, like in the movie, but that’s okay. Legends are like that. They made armor to protect themselves, which was quite impressive at the time (and Ned’s is still on display in the State Library of Victoria). Joe Byrnes armor was the only one lacking protection in the waist/groin area and he was shot in the hip area and bled out while pouring himself a drink. The brother and other friend reportedly committed suicide when they realized they were done for. They were then set ablaze by the police. Ned was shot multiple times, but survived to be tried and hung, despite a petition to save him, boasting over 32,000 signatures. He was 25. He has since become a legend, sort of Australia’s Robin Hood, and helped start a Republican movement and expose some injustices in the police at the time. Though throughout the course of the movie, two horses, a monkey and a lion were killed, I still thought it was pretty good. I like it more knowing the history behind it. Plus, Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom are always pretty to look at (even through those terrible scruffy beards they both had.) Worth a see, I suppose. You can even read his letter he dictated to Joe, explaining his actions, innocence, and mission. Find it here.

Management: This one has Jennifer Aniston playing a traveling saleswoman, staying in a motel than Steve Zahn helps his parent’s run. After a one night stand, he travels around the country following her and trying to win her back (from Zenish/yoga-master/healthy/humanitarian/do-gooder/yogurt-eater Woody Harrelson.) I always like Steve Zahn’s humor and in this movie he plays a really sweet, simple guy. He falls for her and changes his childish ways and grows up into a man because of his love. She realizes that she doesn’t need the things she thinks she needs and falls for him too. It’s cute-ish, but it’s no high-grossing RomCom.


Jonah Hex: What a silly movie. It has Meghan Fox – I should have known better than to watch this one. James Brolin (Goonies never say die!) is a cursed outlaw kind of guy on a mission to kill John Malkovich and save the US at the same time. There are a couple lines I did like, one of which was this: A boy asks Hex what his horse’s name is, something he has clearly never thought about, and he looks around and replies “Horse” in his gruffy voice. There are some fights, some explosions, lots of ridiculous characters, but it’s only worth watching if you are board and Ned Kelly or Management isn’t on.


Right now I am watching my “summer movies”: Star Wars episodes 4-6, which are in my opinion, some of the greatest ever. Han Solo is so charming and handsome (Luke has always gotten on my nerves a little). I let Riley watch a few minutes. He was really into the Storm Trooper shooting battle at the beginning, but tapped out when we got to the Jawas. I can’t blame him though; short, creepy guys in hoods with glowing eyes… you’d be nuts not to run the other direction if you happened upon on of those in a dark alley.

Off to enjoy the battle on Hoth. I sure hope those rebels can pull out another victory against the imperial forces!

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