Ending on a good note.

Battle: Los Angeles ­– This is going on my Christmas list. After we got done watching it, Jordan said “I didn’t know it was supposed to be that good!” It really was good. There’s suspense, drama, action, a little bit of it all. Aliens seem to be taking the place of vampires or zombies as the “it” themes in movies. I love all three… can’t get enough. This movie was inspired by some mysterious REAL events that took place in LA right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Read about it here. It’s quite curious.

Aaron Eckhart (LOVE him in Thank You For Smoking) leads a team of soldiers to extract civilians from the middle of the “war zone”, a war that they have just discovered is with extraterrestrials. The actions scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat. At times, you think all hope is lost, but we American’s always pull through (at least in the movies).

There are only two things I would change: one of the characters dies that I was not happy about. Why do people always gotta go and be a hero when no hero is needed, leaving behind loved ones. I would also have loved a little more wrap up, like a “one year later” kind of scene. What’s Eckhart doing now, what are the civilian’s up to, how’s the pregnant mom, are the aliens gone/dead? But it was still great, better than expected. Rent it. Or buy it for me and I’ll graciously let you borrow it.

The Adjustment Bureau – I was super exciting when I first heard about this one. I love Matt Damon thrillers, Who doesn’t? I’ve noticed that in movies or TV when guys are sitting around watching the boob tube, they are often watch The Bourne ­­­SomethingOrOther, usually the first one. Speaking of Matt Damon thrillers, he’s working on Elysium right now, a SciFi movie. But on the down side… he’s got a shave head which is not a good look for him.

Anyway, back to the movie. The idea is great: Your life has a path written for you and when you divert from this path, the Adjustment Bureau guys are there to gently nudge you back on track, whether they cause you to accidentally trip on the sidewalk or make your phone ring to interrupt what you are doing. I like some of the clever ways they show this in the movie.

The point is, he was supposed to meet Emily Blunt, who would inspire him (he’s a politician, she’s a ballet dancer), and then he was supposed to never see her again. But he did, because one the of AB guys fell asleep and missed making him spill his coffee, then he would have to go change his shirt, then he would miss his bus, which she was riding. Matt Damon sees the AB guys, who you are never supposed to notice (they freeze time in one cool scene), and they have to tell him who they are. They give him a warning to stay away from her, because she is not part of his path, which of course makes him want to see her even more. The guys try to keep them apart, but they are determined to plead their case to the big boss, if they can find him.

The ending was a tad anticlimactic, but good. I would have liked a little bit more danger, but the AB guys aren’t really mean and dangerous, but more like an unhappy boss chasing after you, threatening your job/happiness. But I still recommend it. It’s certainly worth watching, if not for the clever premise alone. It felt a little bit like The Leo movie, what was it…? Oh, yeah: Inception. Just how there is more than one “layer” to what you see.

 This will be my last movie review. Though I will never grow tired of watching movies (or reviewing them) I have decided I need to start a new “two week trial”. I’ll be back soon with the details…


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