Weight Watchers – Part Deux

I began my blog about 10 months ago with my first trial: Weight Watchers. I consider it a success. I managed to stick to my allowed points occasionally, exercised once or twice, and lost about 7-8 pounds over 3 weeks. And I’ve kept it off. I’ve actually been under my pre-baby weight by about 7 pounds.

But lately my eating habits have backslidden. (Lately being since, oh, I dunno, Christmas?) After polishing off 6 Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies with a glass of milk the other night without even blinking, and proceeding to eat a third breakfast of a HUGE piece of birthday cake the day after (after my first breakfast of FiberPlus Cereal with Strawberries and Fat Free Milk, and my second breakfast of a fried egg roll and big Andes Mint), and subsequently realizing that some of my pants are rather tight, I decided something MUST be done.

Channeling my inner Bridget Jones, I decided to start eating better immediately. But how could one be expected to eat better when there are still an entire batch of Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies basking in all their glory on my kitchen counter? Best to wait until after those are gone, which shouldn’t be too much longer, since they are disappearing at a rate of 6 at a time. Okay, cookies gone. What? Someone brought a cake two work? TWICE this week? Can’t pass it up. Would hurt baker’s feelings. Eat an extra large piece for demonstration of largest possible compliment given.

I have realized that my downfalls with eating are:

1) I eat when I am not hungry, simply because it is time to eat. I HAVE to eat now, on my lunch break, or else I will be hungry at2pmwith no next meal in sight. (I’ll be hungry at2pmregardless of if I eat or not, so it’s sort of a food-Catch 22). I HAVE to eat now because my family is hungry and they must eat.

2) I have to eat food presented to me that is free. I like to think of myself as frugal, but sometimes my husband calls me a cheapskate. If someone offers me free food, I am obligated to accept, even if I have just eaten. It’s there! It’s free! Someone’s gotta eat it! There are starving kids in Africa! I can’t waste it! Who knows when I will get my next meal?! Better stock up now in case I get stranded in the dessert on the way home without any food or water for days. (See that! I just typed “dessert” instead of “desert”! This MUST stop!)

3) Once I start eating, I feel I must finish everything on my plate, even if I was full many, many bites ago. This is mainly a problem at work. Carting leftovers back and forth from home gets old. And I am certainly not going to throw it away (see #2).

4) I want MORE because it was good, not because I am still hungry. That second piece of pie? It was good, and I wanted to try the other flavor. That cookie an hour after that second piece of pie? It was free and looked great. It was almost 2 inches thick! It had to be done. (And boy, it was great. From Sister to Sister, a little place here in town.) Then I had to finish off its mate later that night, though I did give Riley a small bite. He asked for more, but I had to tell him his fat-ass mother ate all of the sweets in the entire world that day, so unfortunately one tiny little bite was all he got.

So my goals ala Bridget Jones are:

1) Stop eating so much

2) Lose a 5-10 pounds (can I choose the area?)

3. Develop Inner Poise
Crap, I was just offered a piece of cake. Oh, well… WW starts tomorrow, not today!

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