Plasma donation vs jogging.

Friday 26, August

WW points 29+ two Brookies, dollars made at plasma $20, miles run 1, times almost passed out 3, good snuggles from Riley lots!

6:35 a.m.– Breakfast of Cinnamon Raisin toast, yogurt and milk. Riley took two bites of his toast. Had to eat his, too. Total breakfast points: 8 (bad start).

8:00 a.m.– Co-worker brings Brookies (Brownie/Cookies). Have two bites. Don’t bother estimating points.

9:30 a.m.– Not starving. Hmmmm.

11:40 a.m.– Plan on having Portabello Mushroom Soup and Salad. No soup left in bowl in cafeteria. Salad bar looks crappy. Eat Grilled Chicken Sandwich from grill. No fries (look at me!)Sandwichreally greasy. Must shower after eating. Butter covering everything in 5 foot radius. Total lunch points: estimated 8

3:30 p.m.–Have snack before giving plasma (started again today after 1-2 month hiatus). Chocolate PB Crackers (not as good as they sound). Total snack points: 2

4:00 p.m.– Tally points thus far in head while needle sticking into arm. 18 + Brookie. Two points left. Only greens for supper? Doubtful. Planning 4 point Pork Chop. I suck at Weight Watchers.

5:00 p.m.– Decide to go running. Jog one mile. Riley rides beside me on his “4-Wheeler.” Wimp.

5:30 p.m.– Finally make it back home. Got distracted by donkey, dogs, big truck (Riley, not me). Go get tea at Grandma’s. Nearly pass out. Sit on floor, put legs in air. Guzzle tea.

5:45 p.m.– Walk back to my house. Nearly pass out again. Decide plasma and running should not co-exist on same day. Husband lovingly tells me I smell like ass. Take shower. Husband cooks supper.

6:30 p.m.– Pork chops, macaroni (cauliflower noodles), navy beans, salad. Total points: 11 (not terrible). Eat Brookie and milk. Oh well… It’s Larry’s fault today. Brookie’s too good.

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