Grandma speak – part 1

My granddad once had me get a dictionary out in order for him to prove that “druther” was a word. After I couldn’t find it, he surmised I was just “spelling it wrong”. I tried to hand the dictionary to him at that point, but he knew he was right and didn’t have to prove it to the inferior kiddo that I was at 16. Though he had many years of knowledge on me, I chose to still say “I’d rather”.

Other made up grandparent-words include wrench (as in “wrench the dishes”), warsh (“warsh the laundry”) and lectic (as in the “lectric bill was high this month.”)

My grandmother is way worse. Not only does she make up words, she mis-hears everything “the TV” says, tells the world her business (including details on bowel movements), and is so cheap she once brought me back a rock, a mint toothpick and an ice cream “sample” spoon souvenirs from her big vacation.

The material with her is endless, so I figured I’d post conversation I have with her for a bit. First up: her water got turned off for repairs. Stay tuned.

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One Response to Grandma speak – part 1

  1. Judy says:

    Please add that I have to be adopted! Or that I take after my dad more.

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