Taca Bell

Every once in a while, I brave a trip to Taco Bell with my grandma. Tonight was one of those nights. She didn’t want to go in to eat, since she had already been to town once today (I dunno. Whatever.)

On the way there, I got a full report of her day, including a play by play of how my uncle mixed paint at his store for my mom, while she waited. “He had to find the paper (she always starts in the middle of a conversation like that, like I just know what’s going on in her head), then take the lid off, then put it in (she talking about concentrate color for the paint), then he put the lid back on, then had to shake it, then had to take it out (of the shaking machine), then open it up and check it, then add some more, then shake it again. I was there longer than I was when I went to the doctor I got my flu shot!”

I managed to follow most what she said, but when she started describing the “harrible” parking at “lab”, and “they” were mad about the construction, and using the “valet” at the hospital, I got a bit lost.

She also mentioned that going to town makes her so “tard” (that would be TIRED for all of you non-grandma-speak people), that she was really “wearied” (um, worried…) about something (clearly, I to was very worried) and she also got an “idie” (idea) about oh, I dunno that one either…

Taco Bell is always great fun, if you let her do her own ordering. Thankfully, Riley needed to pee, so I went in to place the orders for us and she stayed in the car. Below is the Taco Bell menu according to my Grandma:

Taco = Taco

Burrito = Burrita

Chalupa = Chalupie (It doesn’t matter how many times you correct her…)

Gordita = Gradita

Empanada = Pie

Sometimes (okay, once), she even offers to buy our meal (cause it’s only $7 total) and put it on her Discovery card. Yup she means Discover. Though she can READ it WRITE THERE ON THE CARD, she still calls it Discovery. It drives my mom batty.

When she gets the bill in the mail, I wonder what she writes on her checks…?


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6 Responses to Taca Bell

  1. My grandmother is long gone, but it is SO nice to know I wasn’t the only one with a Grandma with THAT way of speaking…and yes, if you don’t speak grandma-ese, it can be confusing…

  2. Judy says:

    Ok I was with her- she is my mom thru (please God let it be true) adoption. She got the paint store thing almost right. But the parking at lab, constuction, etc. – I don’t have a clue! She told the surgeon we went to that 1 dr. said she had a stroke – & NO SHE DIDN”T! I found it funny that he did all the talking & asking of questions directly to me & not her. I think someone must have called ahead to him.

  3. Wendy says:

    Someone should ALWAYS call ahead! 🙂

  4. tracie says:

    LOL! heaven for bid one go into town TWICE in a day!

  5. Wendy says:

    Or in one week!

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