Playing Nice With Others

Me, my grandma and my kiddo were in the yard yesterday when we saw a woman in the road, “walking” her dogs. She was in a golf cart with a yellow lab tied to one side and a chocolate lab tied to the other, zipping down the road at 5+ miles an hour. The dogs were panting and jogging while she enjoyed a much lower impact, less cardio, less movement type of walk.

As ridiculous (and lazy) as I thought she was, I would never dare to insult her lack of physical activity to her face. My grandma, on the other hand, would. Riley saw the dogs and said “ooo! Puppies!” to which my Grandma replied, “Yeah. And that’s not a very good idie, is it. It’s better to just walk with your dogs instead.” This coming from the woman who will backtrack 20 feet to get her walker to walk 5 feet.

Did she quietly mumble this under her breath? No. She spoke it quite loudly and purposefully, loud enough for the woman in the road to hear. I just kept walking and didn’t look up. Hopefully the soft whirl of the golf cart and panting of the dogs drowned her out.

Hmmm. I just came up with a great idie. Riley could “walk” the dogs while he drives his 4-wheeler down the street. Brutus on one side, and Meghan or Chloe on the other…That would free up my hands to carry Riley’s popsicle, a wet-wipe and all of the flowers he picks along the way.

On second thought, he’s a pretty crazy driver. He tends to veer off the road in the direction of whatever has most recently I might come back with one less dog. Better stick to actually walking on our dog walks.

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