Little Jewels

Here are some little pearls direct from my Grandmother:

She was looking for some slippers at Bealls (she is only spending money because she has a $10 coupon). As she recounted the story to my mom, (who knows why slipper-shopping was “news worthy”), she said she had to ask where they were, and the worker told her they were in the “Imminent” section. I wonder if that is near the “Intimates”…?

She also periodically mentions the “sherf”. He’s the one that drives around in that black and white car marked “Sheriff”.

An example of WAY too much info. My mom took my Grandmother running errands the other day. Before my Grandma was even in the car, she said, “My Hemmorroids just won’t stay in.” Again, very news-worthy. Glad I know that. Thanks Mom, for repeating in. You are welcome, World.

I was over at her house while she was watching Dancing with the Stars. She called this guy  “So crazy.” And “really sissy.” Jordan later asked, “Do you think she knows what ‘gay’ means? Surely she knows…”

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2 Responses to Little Jewels

  1. My little old mother in law gets her groceries at Wal-MarK. I just sit and smile!

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