New Vocab Words

Winder, as in, “When I was looking out the winder, I saw the mail lady drive by about11:00.” (I always get a run down of the entire neighborhood’s activities.)

Far, as in, “I thought about lighting a far today, but Bobby hasn’t cleaned the chimney out yet…” (Keep in mind, it was 65ish out when she told me this.

Twicest, as in, “I called the doctor twicest today, and they didn’t call me back until 2 hours later!” You pronounce this one as you would “twice” and then stick a “st” on the end.

A little anecdote… My dad was telling my Grandma about a friend of his who’s mom just passed. As in, no longer living. My Grandmother saw an opportunity and ran with it.

“That sounds like my friend Shirley!” I was thinking, wait… you just mentioned Shirley yesterday. She wasn’t dead then. What could have happened in 12 hours?

“She was at WalMart and…” Ah… Now I know where this is going. Heard all about it yesterday.

“And somebody snitched her purse right out of her buggy! She just turned around and it was gone.” Yes, Grandma. That is exactly the same as dying.


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One Response to New Vocab Words

  1. Judy says:

    Coloraydo- Colorado Hawaya – Hawaii & the list could go on.

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