The Lost CD (Really a DVD)

My Grandma thinks she is an invalid, though there is nothing really wrong with her. She has some lingering nerve damage from a pinched nerve that makes her leg and foot tingle and/or get cold. She only limps when people are around. Thus, she can’t go to church anymore because she can’t “sit there that long”. Why she can sit hours on end at her own home, drive around town, do all her errands, I don’t know.

So anyway, they bring her DVDs (I can’t convince her it’s not called a CD) of the Sunday services and since she is half deaf (and claims she doesn’t need a hearing aide) she often doesn’t hear them ring the bell or bang on the door. They leaned the DVD up against the door and when she opened it later, the DVD fell between the house and the porch steps. She pushed it out of reach with her cane and then called on me for assistance. It took her about 5 minutes to tell me all of that, complete with lots of griping and gesturing.

Now I pulled the steps out from the house a few months ago to get a key I dropped, but she would NOT let me pull them out now. She says there is a nail holding them in so they don’t ease away after repeated use. Well, not anymore, not since I pulled them out that one time. But nothing I could say would convince her to let me move them out.

She had me on my belly, reaching into spiderwebs and between tiny boards hiding who knows what hideous unimaginables, digging for a “CD” that she will probably gripe about because it was a “re-run”. I finally get it out, no thanks to her shouting directions and suggestions at me from above, a place where she could not possibly see what I was doing.

After thanking me profusely, she said “I know it was Jerry!” , as if I know who Jerry is and that he did it on purpose to cause her pain. She can’t be grateful that someone takes time out of their day to bring her a DVD of the service, oh no. She has to gripe about how they deliver said DVD.

I guess you just get cranky when you get old.

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One Response to The Lost CD (Really a DVD)

  1. Judy says:

    AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! New word to add that you can look up in the dictionary to find her picture – ungrateful.

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