New Year’s Resolutions! Wait, didn’t I do this last year?

I have too much stuff.

My husband has been telling me this for years.

(But my mother will always have more!)

So, for part of my New Year’s Resolutions, I will be getting rid of some of this “stuff.” I will throw away/take to crisis center/garage sale (not at my house, mind you) at least 5 things from each room. This will be interesting when I get to the back bathroom that has only towels, a shower curtain, andJordan’s “library”. And like items only count as 1 thing. Like magazines, that’s one item; even if I get rid of the two foot stack from 3 years ago by the couch, still one item.

Some other resolutions I will be attempting to keep and blogging about for your view pleasure (or not).

– Take better care of my skin; face, legs, all of it. I recently found some New Years Resolutions from when I was in high school. Guess what one of them was. Yup, the very same. So clearly, I’ve been doing that well.

– Have more patience. (Though I will not be praying for patience. I’ve heard how that goes and frankly, I don’t have the patience for it.) My kid is almost 3. That should be enough info for you to know what I need more patience. I read something yesterday about how to talk to your kids when they are doing something you don’t like. Talk to them like a co-worker. I certainly wouldn’t threateningly yell that I will “spank Nichole’s bottom if she doesn’t get that crayon out of her mouth and get over here right this second!” So I shouldn’t shout that at my kid either. Guess that means pinching those adorable naked little butt cheeks is out, too.

– Capitalize and properly punctuate my emails. I just finished a book in which the author said it was a sign of the person you are emailing not being worth your time, when you don’t use capitals and punctuation marks, that you think you are too good for them to be proper in your email. Just in writing this paragraph, I had to go back through and correct 12 of these deliberate mistakes.

– Get a handle on my road rage. Now I don’t need anger management classes or anything, but I do let jerks that cut me off etc. in traffic get under my skin. I don’t cuss that often (see resolution #5), but 95% of the time, it is in my car. I try not to do it when my kid is in there with me, but sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Riley will just say “what’s that, Mama?” or “talking to cars, Mama?” I just say yes. I accidentally taught him to say stupid. In response to his question, I replied, “Yeah, that car’s just stupid”. Now he thinks it’s funny to say “Riley’s stupid” like 50 million times in a row, all the time with me telling him to stop saying “stupid”. Good job, Mom. Stellar job of parenting. I recently read this in Job that God said, “Do you do well to be angry?” I am trying to make that a recurring thought in my head.

– Stop cussing so often. I’m a mother, for f-ing sake. And nobody likes a potty-mouth, including me. I have to stop thinking cuss words, so they don’t spring themselves forth from my mouth uncontrollably. Perhaps “Do you do well to spout forth obscenities?” (From the Book of Wendy, slightly plagiarized.)

– Stop talking about people. I don’t do this very often, but I shouldn’t do it at all. Talking to my husband or mom doesn’t count because they know me and won’t judge me for it. But to my co-workers and friends, I do not want to be a negativity spreader. (I think I just made that up.) “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only that which is good to build others up according to their needs.” That’s somewhere in the Bible. Not good with remembering the addresses. I also read this Biblical advice summed up this way: “Do not pay attention to what everyone says about you, because you know that you have said not-nice things about others too.” Well put, Bible writers.

– Exercise more. (Currently, 5 minutes will qualify as “more”.) I was in a good running kick there for awhile, up to 2.5 miles several times a week. Then I started some strength training/core stuff. Then the weather for cold, I got a cold, and I’ve been sniffling and coughing for three weeks or more. When I stop all this hacking, hopefully in a couple days, I will start up again. I need to do yoga more, too. It’s so good for you.

– Play with my son more, play on the internet less. We often do things side by side. I facebook, he crashes tractors into one another. I read, he lays on the cat. I pick up the house, he pulls hair out of the dog and pretends it’s chicken nuggets. (I know, totally gross, right?) Yesterday, he cooked a beautiful meal of his wooden Melissa and Doug toys on the coffee table and had me andJordancome say a prayer and eat with him. Granted, my fake fish was a touch overdone, but the wooden bread was excellent. Jordangot stuck with all the fruit, including a bowling pin watermelon. I dunno. Imaginations; what can ya say? Today, instead of getting online while he was up, I built houses and zoos and garages for him to knock down about 10 seconds after I made them. A Lincoln Log house takes like 10 minutes to build and 1.6 seconds to destroy. But we had fun. I don’t know what all of my friends are doing on facebook right this second, but really, who cares? I may have just made my kid’s day.

So I think that’s about it. We’ll see. I might add more. Tomorrow – cleaning my 5 things out of the bathroom! Woohoo!

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2 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions! Wait, didn’t I do this last year?

  1. Tracie says:

    Wendy, this made the laugh.. last week i was watching Hoarders and i went into panic mode trying to get rid of my stuff. no i don’t have to clear a walking path through my house, but hey.. all those hoarders started somewhere 🙂

  2. Wendy says:

    Yes, its does have to start somewhere. My mom dreads having to go through all my grandma’s stuff when she dies. She has just random torn pieces of paper with notes on them all over the house. She has a notebook that includes my mom’s first car purchase: the date, day of the week, exact price, etc. It’s scary.

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