The Bathroom.

Ok, five things to get rid of…

Broken shower door handles that popped of in my hand a few nights ago? Better save them for replacement sizing.

How about a sponge that came in a bath set Jordan bought me at Christmas that I can’t ever remember using? Check!

Four little blue clips that I have never used that came with curlers that I never used that were previously cleared out. Gone!

An oil diffuser I haven’t used in several years. I use the oils, but I just drop some in the rub. Don’t figure I’ll miss this. Three! On a roll!

An oyster type shell that I have a 20 of sitting on the shelf behind the toilet? Nah, just move it to the hanging fishing net over the tub.

The set of three adorable towels with little palm trees we got as a wedding present and never once thought about using? Sure, why not. The basket they are in – totally keeping. Will relocate.

How about the portable Jacuzzi maker thing that doesn’t fit on the side of my oddly shaped tub so I haven’t used it in 3 years because its not very relaxing to have to hold the relaxing bubbles. Hmmm. I’ll think about it.

A little baby comb we got for Riley that we used maybe twice and it now missing 1/3 of the tines because he kept chewing on it? Trash!

Yes! I got to five. 🙂 Progress. I think I will get rid of that Jacuzzi thing. But not the bottle of hair goo I’ve been holding on to for years… I still might use it.

Below are some pics of the things I can’t part with in my bathroom. You’ll have to turn your computer sideways to see one. 🙂 Stupid photo editor won’t save my changes.

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