Dressed to Kill.

Another of my New Year’s Resolutions is to dress nicer for work.

I think I am considered an adult now (the jury’s still out) and I think my job is considered professional (say it’s not so!), but I dress like I’m going shopping at Wal-Mart. Well, maybe not zebra print spandex, a torn ACDC halter, and pink lace up boots, but not far from it. My brown-extremely-comfy-elastic-waistband-cargo-type pants certainly aren’t becoming of a “professional”, BUT they are within dress code (and oh so easy to throw on early in the mornings).

I started this “resolution” last September when I spent about $100 at Ross buying nice work clothes. Problem is, they are all nice SUMMER work clothes. Now that it is winter, I want long sleeves. I don’t have too many nice ones, though. But I did get a few cardigan type things for Christmas, so technically I could still wear those same shirts with those.

Today I wore something nicer and a fancy male “higher-up” at work commented that I looked nice. Does my boss always make me dress up, he asked? I said, “nope.” And I got several compliments on what can only be described as a poncho that my mother in law gave me years ago. It’s soft and striped and pretty. Guess it works!

I’ve only got a couple slacks that fit. And by “fit” I mean, when I was 10 pounds lighter. They are tight on my tummy and butt now, which brings us back to my “exercise more” resolution. Eck.

I did get one nice long sleeved shirt during my Ross trip, and a pair of slacks that actually fit, but they need to be ironed. Yup. Bought them in Sept, still haven’t ironed them. They hung in my living room on a cabinet for a month or two, then I got tired of seeing them and moved them to the closet. I don’t iron. I hate it. Ironing’s stupid. I think I have ironed maybe 3 times my entire life. And all of those were probably shirts for Jordan. And once was carpet glue.

I do own an iron. Sort of. It’s a travel iron that my Gran got me as a present when I was going off to college. Yup, it was awhile ago. But we recently used it to glue down the new carpet in the living room, so it’s covered in a sticky orange substance. Don’t want that on my white shirt.

So I went to borrow my Grandma’s. She couldn’t loan me her good one, because she needs it (Really? She doesn’t go anywhere… and she wears the same thing for a week, which is usually sweats…but ok.) So she lets me take her travel iron. It’s from the 70s, easily. It weighs a ton. Is it cast iron? Do I need to heat it in the fire? I’m a little afraid of it. I don’t want to burn or stain my new clothes. Maybe I can rub the glue off of mine.

Or just let the shirt and slacks continue to hang in my closet another 4 months. Yeah… that sounds like a plan.

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6 Responses to Dressed to Kill.

  1. Judy says:

    Hate to tell you but that iron of Grandma’s was around when I lived at home & think it was the only the one she had ever had. The good thing is they sure made things to last back then – probably the late 50’s to early 60’s!

  2. Jane says:

    I love elastic waisted pants. I have two pairs and I live in them year round. They grow with you. My two pairs are actually exactly the same. I loved the first pair so much that I went back to buy a second pair and I thought I was buying a different colour but I bought the same colour. It was the lights that tricked me. I have them on now as I am going out for dinner and you can’t beat an elastic waist when a big meal is on the menu.

    • Wendy says:

      I bought my sister a pair just like them. When we go visit my parents, both pairs often travel with us. They are good pregnancy and after pregnancy pants. 🙂

  3. tracie says:

    I’m lost! I thought you wore scrubs to work?

    • Wendy says:

      I did, but I got “promoted” Mar 2010. I am the buyer now, which means I sit in an office all day. I order things, field questions, and a few secretarial things.

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