Oh, what you can accomplish in an afternoon…

Jordan was gone the latter part of this week for a baseball coaching camp sort of thing, and though all I wanted to do was watch the 4 hour Elizabeth I movie I DVRed a month ago, I took the time to clean out my utility room and kitchen/dining area.

I got rid of cookbooks I bought before I even had a license, 2 of my 4 pie plates (since I rarely cook 4 pies at once, ha), and a glass Eiffel Tower filled with those weird veges that you aren’t supposed to eat, but only look at. I glued a bunch of stuff in my “to be glued” pile and taped a bunch of stuff in my “to be taped” pile, which of course went right back into that pile after I handed it over to Riley. 

I found a stack of paper plates and plastic cups that I have had for who knows how long, so we are at least happy to not have to do dishes for a week or so. I kept about 20 candles that are half burnt, lightbulbs I don’t remember buying but I think will fit in a chandalier and I though I debated it, I still decided to keep my Quesadilla maker I wrote about in my two week trial of kitchen gadgets. You never know.

Some things I did get rid of: 1) bottles/nipples for nursing puppies, because really, how often do I do that? 2) two orange bottle openers from our tax guy 3) 8 of about 20 measuring spoons 4) a collection of colored glass wine glasses that started out around a total of 10, but thanks to my husband, has now dwindled down to a measly 4 5) 8 ice trays (why does one need 12+ ?) 6) part of a motor from a vintage ice cream maker ( I had to work on it and there was this piece with all this copper I thought I’d take and sell…) and 7) 4 cuzzies (sp?) for beer we don’t drink. And yes, that is a little wooden man with straw hair playing the drums on the back of the table. Riley keeps breaking his drumsticks off and I keep gluing them back on. NO MORE!

I did find all of these little cat balls under my Baker’s Rack, which Gollum was happy to see returned to him. Riley has since thrown them to (and at) the cat, so I think every room of my house can now claim 3 each.

I rearranged and organized the pantry and dishes cabinets, and now Jordan can’t find anything. What a fun little game…

Meanwhile, I write this in a Benadryl stupor, which I took last night in a moment of weakness and a last ditch effort to get any relief and more than an hour and a half of sleep  from my poison ivy.

I would rather have a broken leg for 6 weeks than poison ivy for one.

I would rather have the flu for a month, and live in my pajamas on the couch.

I would rather not eat for an entire week, and you KNOW how I love to eat.

I would rather give birth 3 times, back to back.

This sucks. Off to scratch…

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One Response to Oh, what you can accomplish in an afternoon…

  1. Tracie says:

    holy lord! is poison ivy that bad!?

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