All you can eat candy-fest

In an effort to make an effort to start eating better, I am gorging myself on the candy stash in my desk drawer. Yes, you heard me right. I am stuffing my face with everything from Nerds to a King Sized Mr. Goodbar in an effort to save my future self, who I am sure will be in a better eating mindset, the added calories and sugary junk. I figure she’ll thank me later. If I eat it all now (and maybe get a stomach ache as punishment) there won’t be any to eat later.

I never buy candy myself, but nevertheless, it always seems to find its little way into my desk drawer and subsequently, into my chocolate-covered fingers. Perhaps this is because I am constantly picking it up from our communal “dumping spot” at work for things we have cleaned out of our house and are up for grabs. My current contribution to the dumping spot? Cookbooks. About 10 of them. Ha.

My eaten inventory thus far:

2 boxes Nerds (LOVE strawberry)

Mini Twix (not as good as I remember, but now I kinda want another)

Rest of my KSMGoodbar

Mini pack of Reese Pieces (makes me think about my younger-movie-theater-going days

Mini Dark Mr. Goodbar (see? Healthy chocolate!)

My inventory yet to be consumed:

Snickers bar

Mini Butterfinger

Granola bar in mysterious silver packaging that simply states “Granol Bar”

White Mint Ghirardelli Square

One of those Carmel chews with cream in the middle (actually, just popped this one into my mouth. Needs to be moved to category above. Scratch that. I spit it out. Kinda gross.)

I started out the day healthy with some Blueberry Breakfast bread, a couple orange slices, and half a banana. Then at lunch, I got a sensible salad and the two HUGE pieces of pizza that came with it (Pizza and Salad Bar Day at work). But I only ate one! So proud! Then a friend and I were talking about ice cream and he came back with three Snickers Ice Cream Bars. 300 calories each. I had to eat it; I didn’t want him to feel bad. AND, if I had saved this in my desk drawer for later, it would have melted. So SEE? I had to eat it. For the good of humanity.

Let’s hope I can do better with supper. I bought this handy little tray with measured out portion sizes for easy control. You put it on top of your plate, then fill the little cups up. But I’ve only used it once. Clearly, that was $15 well spent. I’m going to try and start using it for reals.

After a semi-sensible breakfast, I write this to you. Oh wait, Jordan just made some chocolate chip bar things. Gotta go.


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