Running kids over with mowers

I started cleaning out my “five things for each room” in my living room a couple days ago. I started with my scrapbooking cabinet.

It holds everything I need for all the scrapbooking I never do: cardboard stencils I’ve never used, patterned tissue paper I got when I bought something breakable at the Dollar Tree (that I have since gotten rid of, I imagine) that I have never used, stickers, decals, cute little papery leaves, gemstones, pipecleaners (you never know when you are going to need a fuzzy pipecleaner) that are now called “chenille stems” because that makes them so much more glamourous, patterned papers, glue, glue dots (A-MAZing invention), markers, mapcolors from my freshman year in high school (yup, we had to color), crayons from before my freshman year in high school and unopened scrapbooking kits (thanks, Mom! I really DO plan on using them!)

So, I threw away the cardboard stencils, tissue paper (I mean really, why did I save these?), paper cutouts of flowers and whatnot, some sports themed wrapping paper and file folders that held all this stuff. Okay, I didn’t throw away the file folders. I just moved them to the back room.

Also in my scrapbooking cabinet is everything “Riley”. Pictures, artwork, mementoes, all waiting to be glued onto fancy paper and labeled for future rememberings. While it would be nice to say, “I own every piece of artwork he’s ever made!” it is not feasible. I filled up a binder from his first 5 months at school. I had to whittle it down. Think how much I would have after 18 years? Report cards, tests graded with all A+’s (a mother expects no less!), school permission slips, blue ribbons from all the science fairs he wins, football trophies (according to his father)…

Along with all these mementoes are little reports on half slips of paper that he gets at school every day. It tells me how much of each meal and snack he ate, how his nap went, what his morning and afternoon activities were, diaper changes (for the babies) and other misc pertinent info. I look forward to being handed these and I treasure the little insights into my son’s day. It’s a peek into my son’s life away from me. I have kept every single one of these. He’s been in daycare for almost a year now. One everyday. That’s a LOT of slips. About a 3 inch high stack. Again, not feasible for me to save everyone. Though I, as his mother, might care very much that on 2/21/11 he made a heart owl, but it’s not something I need to remember and hang on to for the rest of my life.

So I threw away all but a handful of these. I kept my favorites. A few are listed below.

6/21/11 He bit his friend Desmond today on the face. 😦

6/23/11 He bit Brody today on the face. 😦

8/18/11 He’s been so ugly to his friends today, esp to Desmond. He kept pushing and hitting him.

11/4/11 Timeout: knocking friends down and the running over them with the lawn mower when they tried to get up. 😦

That last one still makes me bust out laughing. What a little turd. I promise he’s a very sweet kid. He just doesn’t take anybody’s crap. Just like his Mama.

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