Patience is still a virtue.

And I am still working on it. Especially now, when I am trying to type this without an “s” key. My dad was babysitting a few weeks back one day when Riley was sick. There was an incident with some car keys and we lost a few letter. Jordan got them all back on, but S still poses a problem.

Anyway, back to Patience. I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday (scrapbooking supplies were 40% off!!!) and the whole time I was in there, they kept calling people to come check. They had almost every line in there open and they were all several people deep. A new checker came up and I got in her line, thinking it would be the fastest. The line I WAS in, ran through two people that had been behind me, before it was finally my turn.

The ladies in front of me were taking flipping forever. When she whipped out a checkbook, I silently cursed her. When she waited until the cashier gave her the total before even starting  to fill it out, I mentally squished her head by blinking hard. Then her daughter had the cashier helping her looking up something online on her smartphone. REALLY?! There are 47 people in line, for Pete’s sake! JUST WRITE THE CHECK! And she was the slooooowest check writer ever, too.

FINALLY, she tore it off, handed it to the girl, and got her receipt. THEN she offered me a 40% coupon that she didn’t use. She saved me $6.50. And I silently plotting her death the whole time. I felt a little bad, and mentally “un-cursed” her.

The universe was trying to teach me patient pays off.

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