The Cleanse

Where have I been? I’ve sat down to write it out many times. I actually did once, back in Feb. Here’s the short version: son was hospitalized for a few days for RSV and pneumonia. He was having recurrent eye infections too during this time. IV’s, breathing treatments, masks, and 3 days stuck in a hospital bed was not fun for him… or us. Two days after we got to go home, I was rear-ended. Car was totaled. And WAS paid off. In fact, we have just paid off my husband’s car last winter. We were using the extra money to pay off my student loans. No more. Had to buy a new vehicle. Husband is ecstatic about truck. I was upset and sad and a little depressed, so I just stopped keeping up with the blog. Between going to the chiropractor for the wreck, doctor’s appointments for Riley, dealing with insurance, buying a vehicle and finding out the guy that hit me had none,I was more than a little stress and busy.

 I can’t say that I am back for good, but I am going to be writing about this detox/cleanse thing I am starting today. I eat too much crap and I want to eat better. I notice that when I eat cookies, I crave cookies. But on the flip side, if I eat salad, I crave salad. So I’ve got to reset, to get sugar and junk food out of my system and be healthy. I’ve gained a few pounds, but really I think my weight has just shifted. While I don’t weigh all that more than the last time I wrote, my stomach and love handles are making a run for it. I look like I have a baby bump, just minus the baby. So, with all that being said, I started my cleanse. It came to me via my email inbox a couple weeks ago. The first week is all fruits and veggies. As you progress through the month, you add back in dairy and grains and meat. 

I did my grocery shopping for week one on Saturday. I ran out of room in my refrigerator. My kitchen counter now looks like a produce stand. But that is also good for Riley. When he can see apples and bananas and the like, he wants to eat them more than when things are hidden away in the fridge. I have also noticed that Jordan will eat bananas if I leave them lying in plain sight on the counter. For supper, they will be eating what I am eating, but I’ll throw in our usual fish or chicken or meatloaf. These situations will be hard for me to resist the “good” food, since I am sure I will be starving. On the “what to expect” from the cleanse this week it said 4 good stomach growls a day is good. Ha. I never let my stomach growl. Growls mean something is angry. I prefer to feed it before it yells at me. Keep it happy, ya know. I HATE a growling stomach. It hurts! So, this should be interesting.

 I am also expected to appear in a bathing suit the middle of June for a mini-vacation with Jordan’s family to Galveston. Can’t very well swim in short and a T-shirt. And while “bikini” has never been in my vocabulary, this cleanse may help me to look a little better in my tasteful, black, Mom one-piece.

Tomorrow: Day One!

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