Goodbye Christmas, Hello New Year’s Resolutions.

Hello all 18 of my subscribers! (Okay, really 16). I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Looking at our Christmas tree, it was once grand and majestic and its base was filled with presents. Now is seems sad, and lonely, longing for a time just passed.

My husband and I talked about how we always want that Christmas spirit, but never quite get it. We long all year for Christmas, and it is gone in a flash, and we never quite get those warm fuzzies that we did when we were little. Jordan says he would still get the feeling in high school, but I don’t think I have had it since the 4th grade when my mother lovingly said to me on Christmas Eve: “you know Santa’s not real, don’t you?” I nodded “yes” and cried myself to sleep. It was a sad day Christmas morning, when I realized that if Santa wasn’t real, that probably meant that the Tooth Fairy wasn’t the one slipping money under my pillow in exchange for my teeth. (This even further devastated me because I SO wanted fairies and other little people to be real.)

Wait… what does this mean for the Easter Bunny? Who hides those eggs in my yard every Spring? Mom???

Well, my 12 readers, I am going to start January first with one of, I am sure, many New Year’s Resolutions. (Maybe I will two-week-trial each thing I want to do this year to better myself.¬†I want to eat better and less. I want to be a better mom, a better wife, a better daughter, friend, sister, human being. I want to read more, sleep more, laugh more, love more.

The first thing I am focusing on is exercising. I plan on exercising more and more consistently. I figure if I can get up at 5am to drive to a yoga class, then I can wake up at 5:30 to practice in my living room twice a week.

So, my glorious 10 readers, if you will so kindly tune back in on the 1st, I’ll keep you posted on getting up before the sun to exercise, my new yoga mat spray and my temperamental¬†Wii coach, who is really going to give me a hard time the next time I log on.

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One Response to Goodbye Christmas, Hello New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Judy says:

    The Easter bunny is real!!! He’s the one that hids the eggs!

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